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Can I distribute a screensaver at the server level?

I'm new at this administration stuff so please bear with me. I've been tasked with trying to implement a screensaver that would affect all machines on our domain to celebrate the anniversary of our city. Can this be done at the server level or do I have to implement this at each individual workstation? And, if it is capable to do this one time at the server, where is this done? All servers are Win2k servers and all workstations are Win2k Pro.
You can certainly do this at the server level. You didn't mention what time of network operating system you're using, so I'll assume that it's Windows 2000 or another version of Windows Server. In this case, use group policy or System Policy Editor to set the screensaver policies. You can copy the screen saver to users' hard disks via their logon scripts or you can run the screensaver from a network location, which I don't recommend.

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