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Can I do a selective startup in Win2k Pro to avoid slow bootup caused by one memory-hogging program?

My new Dell laptop is on Windows 2000 Professional. I've got a program that is a real memory hog and is very slow to boot up. I tried to run msconfig and it said file not found. How can I do a selective startup so this program does not tie my machine up? Thank you.

I'm assuming that this program is an application of some sort and not a device driver. Because it is starting automatically, it probably has a shortcut in the Startup folder, either for an individual user or for the All Users profile.

The simplest way to find out is to right-click the Start button and select Explore All Users from the flyout menu. Expand the tree to Start Menu | Programs | Startup. There should be a shortcut to the application in the left pane of the window. Delete the shortcut and that keeps it from starting.

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