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Can I do wildcard searches on multiple keywords in Windows 2000?

I want to search for matching file names in a drive or folder where the .pdf extension has an older date last modified than the .doc or .xls extension. The files will have the same name, but different extensions. I need to find both the latest .pdf and the latest .doc or .xls files. I want this for all of the files with "same names" on a drive with thousands of files and folders. Can I do this in Windows 2000?
The native Windows file search utility is not terribly sophisticated, but it is possible to do wildcard searches on multiple keywords by separating them with a comma (*.bmp,*.xls). It might be possible to do this and then sort by date. For more advanced searching, you might want to try a program like Effective File Search ( http://www.tucows.com/preview/222524.html), which lets you search using complex Boolean operators.

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