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Can I earn a CCDP without a Cisco networking certification in CCNA?

Expert Ed Tittel talks about the benefits of Cisco networking certification.

I have recently graduated in Internet Engineering (BEng) and wish to follow the Cisco networking certification path for Cisco Design (CCDP). Would it be advisable to attain my CCNA before searching for jobs? How much of an advantage will I gain being CCNA certified but with no real networking (only web-application development) experience?

You can't go after the CCDP until you earn a CCNA (and a CCDA as well, for that matter). But neither of these entry-level credentials is enough to help you into a job, unless you're lucky enough to find one that specifically requires either or both of them explicitly (happens rarely, but occasionally). Thus, you shouldn't let the absence or presence of these credentials stop you from looking for or accepting a job, though there's no reason why you can't start working on them as you begin your search.

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