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Can I get a copy of Windows 2000 server software to help me study for my exam?

Please excuse such a broad (and probably naive) question: I have no access to a Win2k server, so much of what I must learn for exam 70-215 is brute memorization. Even worse, I typically forget anything I haven't reviewed recently. Do you know of a resource from which I can either get hands-on experience, or somehow obviate the need to memorize what-are-for-me pure abstractions?
There are various vehicles for obtaining 120-day evaluation copies of the Windows 2000 Server software. I urge you to rustle up a copy of this software, and to repeatedly install, configure, troubleshoot, and explore this stuff. Brute memorization just won't cut it any more, so as long as you can get access to a PC that meets the minimum configuration requirements, I strongly suggest that you get as much hands-on experience with it as possible.

Worst case, contact your nearest MS office, explain your situation, and beg them to send you the 120-day eval copies of Win2k Professional and Workstation.

Good luck with your upcoming exam!

This was last published in September 2001

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