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Can I get get Outlook Web Access running on an NT Server and point to an Exchange 2000 server?

I installed Exchanger Server 2000 and moved all mailboxes and public folders from Exchange Server 5.5. My Outlook Web Access (installed on IIS Server NT 4.0- DMZ) used to work when I had Exchange 5.5. I tried reinstalling OWA on the IIS but when asked to point to another server, it doesn't see the new server. Can I get OWA running on an NT Server and point to the Exchange 2000 Server?
This cannot be done. You must use OWA 2000 to access Exchange 2000 mailboxes and public folders. In Exchange 5.5, OWA was a set of ASP pages that used MAPI extensively. The architecture of OWA 2000 is radically different from Exchange 5.5. To install OWA 2000, simply install Exchange 2000. OWA is installed by default on every Exchange 2000 server. Go to https://products.office.com/en-US/exchange and http://www.microsoft.com/technet and read up on the Front-End/Back-End Configuration. It will show you how to set up OWA 2000 in a DMZ that points to an internal back-end mailbox server.

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