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Can I get my Windows 98 machines to share a printer with my Windows 2000 machine?

I have added two new Windows 2000 workstations to my peer network. On one of them, I installed an old Laserjet 6P I had. I installed both Windows 2000 and Windows 98 drivers. I also shared the printer as LASERJET6P. It prints fine from both machines. But when I try to install this printer in a Windows 98 computer, I cannot get past the step where the wizard asks for the location of the networked printer. I leave the field empty and hit ENTER to get a list of all networked printers. When I click on the computer that has the printer, I get a prompt asking for a network password to connect to that resource (W2000PC$IPC). I have made sure that all ALLOW fields on the Security tab are set to ON. Microsoft documentation states that no further action is required on Windows 98 computers to connect to a shared Windows 2000 printer. What am I doing wrong?
Your problem lies with authentication to the workstation acting as the print server. The IPC$ share is the connection point for secure network communications. I'm going to assume that you do not use local names and passwords to log onto your W98 machine, so when the network redirector reaches out to touch the Win2k machine, there are no credentials to complete the authentication transaction. The simplest way to get around this problem is to create a local account on the W98 machine that uses the same name and password as an account on the Win2k machine. This will permit the authentication to work in the background.

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