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Can I give per-user filtering through our proxy server?

We have been asked to give access to all our users to a public site - through our proxy server (MS IIS v2). Company policy is that only managers have Internet access, and authenticate through our proxy using IIS authentication (we also have Checkpoint firewall). Is there any way we can set up the users to go through the proxy server without giving them full Internet access, and still keep our firewall's present security? I know in Netscape proxy you can set up a template for this. Is there a method in IIS? Thanks.
Are you sure that you're using just IIS? IIS doesn't have built-in proxy server capabilities. Microsoft Proxy Server does, however, and it runs on top of IIS. MS Proxy Server, and Microsoft Internet Security and Acceleration Server both provide the per-user filtering that you need. There are many non-Microsoft solutions for this as well.

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