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Can I have two IP domains in the same ADS-domain?

Windows Server 2003 Active Directory allows for only one domain, but there are workarounds.

Can I have two IP domains (like abc.local and cdf.pub) in the same ADS-domain?

The Windows Active Directory can be configured as one domain or the other. Having two Windows domains, abc.local and cdf.pub, will require additional domain controllers and a trust relationship to connect the two domains. However, if you are only talking about have two different DNS zones on the Windows DNS server, there is no problem. So, if the local Active Directory is called ABC.LOCAL, but you also have an Internet presence of cdf.pub - the DNS servers simply need to be configured with the appropriate zones. The cdf.pub zone can even be Active Directory Integrated. Extending this to Exchange, you can even accept email for this domain. CDF.PUB will not, however, be a Windows domain that you can authenticate logins to or manipulate in the say Active Directory Users and Computers.

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