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Can I hide the System Attendant account from the GAL in Exchange 5.5?

I was wondering if there's a way to hide the System Attendant account from the Global Address List in Exchange 5.5?
The SA is hidden by default, so something (most likely an antivirus software application) has changed its attribute from hidden to not hidden. You can resolve this by editing Hide from Address Book property using Exchange Administrator in Raw Mode. Note that that changing any setting in Raw Mode is dangerous. An incorrect setting can break Exchange in any number of ways. So, please be very careful when altering settings in Raw Mode.

  • To start Exchange Administrator in Raw Mode, use ADMIN /r. (Admin is the executable representing the Exchange Admin program. It can be found in the bin folder). Navigate to Organization | Site | Servers | YourServer.

  • Locate and select the System Attendant.

  • Then, use Shift-Enter to display its Raw properties.

  • Look for an object attribute called Hide from AB.

  • If Hide from AB doesn't appear in the list, use the List attributes of type dropdown list and select All.

  • When you do locate it, you'll find that it is set to 0, which means don't hide it.

  • Set it to 1, click Set and click OK to close the Raw properties.

  • Then, close Exchange Administrator and you're done.

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