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Can I install Windows 2000 SP2 and post SP2 hotfixes together at the same time?

I have heard that it is possible to install Win2000 SP2 and post SP2 hotfixes together at the same time. So, do you know a way to install hotfixes at the same dirctory with SP2? After that, can I install the whole package through the Internet to computers running Win2000 and not go and download critical updates anymore?

This is a process known as "slipstreaming," where you take the files needed for a Win2K installation and inject both the SP2 and post-SP2 fixes into it. The problem is that it's not always reliable, especially on machines where a lot of custom drivers are installed.

Also, critical updates are published regularly, so you will need to add them as they come out.

The best approach, if you have a lot of the same make and model of machine, is to create a disk image using SYSPREP and then replicate it to all the machines you want to install Win2K to.

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