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Can I rename my Windows 2000 AD domain?

Expert Laura E. Hunter helps a reader who is trying to change the name of his Active Directory domain running on Windows 2000.

We are currently using a Windows 2000 server. The Active Directory name is the same name as our Web site that is being hosted elsewhere. This is a problem because in the office when we try to go to our Web site it goes to our server instead and we can't get to our site from there. Can I change the AD name without messing things up? If so how?

There isn't a very good way to rename a Windows 2000 domain. However, you should be able to have a website like www.company.com that is accessible even if it's not being hosted externally from your internal AD network. You should verify how the DNS records for your internal AD domain and the web server are configured, particularly any CNAME records that are referencing the www hostname.

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