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Can I restore my data with only the priv1.edb file?

My Exchange database has gone down. Unfortunately I have no reliable backup. My priv1.stm file is missing. Can I restore my data with only the priv1.edb file? And if not, is there another alternative to extract the mails with both priv1.edb and pub1.edb files?
If your .stm file is missing, the best option is to recover it from a backup. Of course, this only works if backups are available. If backups are not available, you can create an empty streaming file. This would then let you perform a repair operation on the database (priv1.edb).

To do this, you use the createstm option with ESEUTIL. The command you run would look something like the following:

eseutil /p "c:exchsrvrmdbdatapriv1.edb" /createstm

Then, you can use Isinteg to repair the database.

I strongly recommend preserving a copy of priv1.edb prior to making any changes. This way, if something goes wrong you will have a back-off plan. If this process does not work for you, you may wish to contact Microsoft PSS for assistance. In that event, have a saved copy of priv1.edb in its current format will be beneficial.

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If Eseutil is not working, then you can restore your mailboxes with the help of any third party exchange recovery tool. As you said you don't have backup, so you should make use of the tool . One of the most trusted and widely used tool is Stellar Phoenix Mailbox Exchange Recovery Software, which can restore mailboxes from severely corrupt edb file.
Good to know, Steve. Thanks for providing some additional info.