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Can I run Internet Connection Sharing (ICS) with a domain controller?

I am currently running a workgroup with Windows 2000 Professional, running Internet Connection Sharing (ICS). I would like to switch to a domain. Can I run ICS with a domain controller? I am unclear if it is possible to do a domain controller and ICS on the same box. I have searched and searched, but I cannot find an answer. I want a domain so that I can have a test environment. I know there will be some DHCP conflicts, but not how much.
ICS is available on Windows 2000 domain controllers, but I recommend that you use Routing and Remote Access Service. RRAS is straightforward to configure, if you use the configuration wizard. Besides, if you're trying to create a test environment, why not go all the way? For more information about setting up and configuring RRAS, see Help. It's easy.

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