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Can I run Sysprep for XP without installing MS File and Print Sharing?

How can I get Sysprep for XP to run without installing MS File and Print Sharing? I can manually remove MS File and Print Sharing, but it comes back after I Sysprep a workstation. I used to be able to figure it out with Win2k Pro, but I now have to document the new XP images with additional steps for our LAN support team members to manually configure after workstation deployment.
The mini-setup wizard completely reconfigures the computer's network connection. So, customize your network connection in Sysprep.inf, similar to how you customize it in Unattend.txt. Make sure you don't install File and Print Sharing in Sysprep.inf. See Ref.htm in Deploy.cat, which is on your Windows XP CD in SupportTools.

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