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Can I selectively archive Exchange Server 2003 email messages?

Is archiving select Exchange Server 2003 email to a journal mailbox natively possible? Discover options for filtering email for archiving and retention.

Thank you for explaining how to set up a journaling mailbox to keep an archive copy of all messages using Exchange Server 2003 in Archiving Exchange 2003 email. However, I only want to keep outgoing Exchange email that contains our optional legal disclosure within the body text. I have no need to archive the other email. Is the best way to do this to create a rule to filter specific email to the journal mailbox? Our email filtering software will not perform content scanning to "keep" an email.
There is no way of achieving the kind of policy-based communication-retention in native Microsoft Exchange Server. A number of third-party solutions exist that may be able to assist. For example, you may want to look at MessageGate to see if they address your requirements.

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