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Can I set up my Win2k Pro laptop so it can join two different domains without having to change confi

My Windows 2000 Professional laptop is moved between different branches of my office with their separate domains. My question is: How can I configure the machine to join each domain without reconfiguring each time I change location? That is, when the Windows logon dialog box appears, is there a way I can just pick the right domain and enter the corresponding username and password?
In Windows 2000 Professional, you can only join a single domain. Thus, you can't log in to one domain one time and another domain another time without actually joining each domain. You can connect to and use the resources on each domain, but you can't browse them.

One solution to the problem is to create a trust relationship between each domain. Also, there are third-party products like NetSwitcher that help you quickly switch between different configurations, but you must evaluate these products to make sure they perform as you expect.

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