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Can I split my Information Store onto different servers?

We have Exchange 5.5 on NT4 SP6a. The size of the information store (IS) on the server is 39 GB. Is there any way to split the IS to a different server (i.e., a new IS on a different server) without affecting the configuration? Will the performance not be as good as on a local drive? How about splitting the existing IS into two separate ISes on different servers?
You can't do this with Exchange 5.5, but you can carve things up much nicer in Exchange 2000. Exchange 2000 uses a concept of storage groups that enable you to house as many as 20 databases on a single system. You can also use Storage Area Network (SAN) technology with it, as well.

You didn't say why you want to split it up, but if it is due to space limitations or performance, you can move all of Exchange to another system. MSKB 297289, How to move Exchange 2000 to new hardware and keep the same server name, includes details on how to do this.

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