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Can I still qualify for MCSE 4 certification?

I started 10 years ago with a CNE3. I'm now working on the CNE6. I passed the MCSE 4 series 70-067, 70-068 and 70-073 -- the last over two years ago. With the Network Essentials being granted by my CNE experience, I was planning to finish with the Exchange 5.5 and the SQL 7 tests. Now it is too late for the Exchange 5.5. Can I still qualify for the MCSE 4 certification? What course of study would you recommend to complete an MCSE?
It's not too late to qualify for an MCSE on NT4, but it's getting close, in fact. Given that your rights to the Networking Essentials 70-058 exam are grandfathered in by your CNE on NetWare 3, and you've got the other core exams under your belt, you need only to meet the elective requirements for that credential -- in other words, you must pass two more exams. I dredged out some old information on the MCSE on NT4 requirements. Here's a list of valid MSCE on NT4 electives that are still available (only 4 exams out of the original 30 or so are still "live"):

70-019 Designing and Implementing Data Warehouses with Microsoft SQL Server 7.0: Scheduled for discontinuation 6/30/2004

70-028 System Administration for Microsoft SQL Server 7.0: Scheduled for discontinuation 6/30/2004

70-029 Designing and Implementing Databases with Microsoft SQL Server 7.0: Scheduled for discontinuation 6/30/2004

70-086 Implementing and Support Microsoft Systems Management Server 2.0: No information about discontinuation shown

It looks like your best bets are probably the two core SQL Server 7.0 exams -- 70-028 and 70-029 -- unless SMS or data warehouses interest you.

But my question to you is why bother? NT4 is heading for oblivion soon, and you might want to think about Windows 2000 or Windows Server 2003 MCSEs instead. You'll find those requirements clearly spelled out on the MS Web site at:

Windows 2000 requirements
Windows Server 2003 requirements

Good luck with your future efforts, whatever you decide to do!

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