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Can I use a Win2K terminal server in a Windows Server 2003 domain?

Expert Christa Anderson talks with a reader about the limitations (or lack there of) of Terminal Services 2003.

I have a server that is currently running 2000 Small Business Server. This server currently runs Exchange, Active Directory, and Terminal Services. I want to buy a new server with 2003 for Exchange and AD, and keep the 2000 server as a terminal server because I am aware of the limitations of Terminal Services on 2003. Is this something that I can do? I have been told no.

I'm not sure what limitations of Windows Server 2003 TS you're talking about, actually. The licensing model has changed so that the Unlimited pool no longer exists for the same-generation clients, but otherwise I'm at a loss: Win2K3 offers a richer client experience with greater color depth and sound and drive redirection. It's also easier to manage on the server through its use of group policy and more efficient memory management. That said, yes, you can use a Win2K terminal server in a Windows Server 2003 domain.

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