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Can ISA Server track clients by their MAC addresses?

My brother is an ISP who also deals in wireless; he wants to know if ISA will keep track of clients via MAC addresses.
Interesting question. You mention wireless -- are you asking if ISA can be configured to only accept requests from specific MAC addresses? If so, the answer is, "Not to my knowledge." However, in the Wi-Fi (wireless fidelity) world, MAC address filtering is best performed at the Wireless Access Point. If ISA performed the MAC filtering, someone who connected to your wireless network could still gain access to all internal systems -- a greater threat than being able to access the Internet.

If you're asking if there's a way to track actions logged by ISA using the IP address back to the system's physical MAC address, that can be done manually by resolving the IP address to the MAC address by using the DHCP administrative tools, or by simply using the "arp -a" command from a command line.

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