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Can Outlook profiles share contacts using POP3 without Exchange?

Is Microsoft Outlook contact sharing possible between two or more Outlook profiles using POP3 without an Exchange server? Our expert weighs in.

Is there a way to share contacts between two Microsoft Outlook profiles that are using POP3 without an Exchange server?

Aside from the manual exporting and importing of your Outlook contacts (which I'm assuming is not what you're looking to do), there is no way of achieving contact sharing using native Microsoft Outlook Express technologies without an Exchange server.


You can share contacts between two (or more) profiles if you set up a third profile that does not point to a mailbox and just contains contacts.
—David G.


Technically this is correct, but anyone with an LDAP Server (Windows 2000 server for example) can set up simple LDAP access in Active Directory without Microsoft Exchange and use this for a shared LDAP contacts/address book for either Microsoft Outlook or Outlook Express. Assuming there is a Windows server around, you already have the facility for shared contacts. LDAP servers are not new, and normally don't cost extra to setup or configure.
—Roy A.


You can move the contacts to a .PST file and share the .PST file on the desktop.
—Benjamin S.

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