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Can PCs with static IP addresses communicate over the network with DHCP-assigned PC addresses?

We are migrating from NT to 2000 and are switching from static IP addressing to DHCP addressing in the process. We are also deploying new PCs. The new PCs will be set up and then sent out to the users with DHCP-assigned addresses. This will be done by department, so there will be a period of time when we will have both the static and DHCP addresses on the network. What I fear is that the existing PCs with static IPs will not be able to communicate with the new assigned address PCs. Is there a way to ensure that both types of addresses can coexist for a short time on the network and see each other?
As long as you have the routing configured correctly, the systems should be able to talk fine. There's nothing inherently problematic about systems with DHCP and manually assigned addresses communicating.

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