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Can a Win2k server be added to an NT4 domain?

I have a Web application that is implemented on a Windows 2000 server. I have been asked to integrate the Windows 2000 Server into an NT4 environment. The NT4 environment currently has NT4 PDC, NT4 BDCs and NT4 workstations. The primary authentication will be to the NT4 PDC.

Is it possible to integrate the Windows 2000 server into this environment, and ensure that access to the Web application is mediated by the user credentials held on the NT4 server? If so how can it be achieved?

The Windows 2000 Server is not an AD controller I assume. So, a Windows 2000 member or standalone server can be added to a Windows NT 4.0 domain without a problem. You will not experience issues of credentials. Just join the domain like you would any other Windows server.

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