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Can a bootable flash drive be made for Windows 2000?

An admin wants to know the procedure for making a bootable flash drive for Windows 2000.

In your article about bootable flash drives you said that one of the requirements is Windows XP. However I continue running Windows 2000 (for a variety of reasons). If supported by the motherboard and BIOS, can I make a bootable flash drive for Win2k? What is the procedure?
I have not tested the procedure in Windows 2000, so I went back and looked at the instructions to refresh my memory about what part of the instructions was XP-crucial. When you format a floppy in XP, one of the options you're given is "Create an MS-DOS startup disk." As far as I know, Windows 2000 does not provide this option. However, you could create a boot floppy from one of the disk images at Bootdisk.com and use that as your source for the boot sector. I haven't tested this procedure, but if you do this, you'll probably want to use a boot sector from one of the Windows 98/Me boot floppies.

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