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Can a computer novice handle the requirements for the MCSE course?

I'm studying for an MCSE at a well known Microsoft certified teaching center. I'm struggling a bit with this course because I'm a novice with little knowledge of computers, nor have I ever worked in IT. This is my attempt at 44 years-old to change my career direction! Sadly, I think I've bitten off more than I can chew -- or maybe I've been sold on something a bit beyond my grasp.

My question is, given my novice status, and Microsoft's official requirements for the MCSE course (12 months working in the networking dept of a company, administering W2K, etc.), can this course be completed in 6-9 months by someone who barely knows what a mouse is?
I believe you've already answered the question by the way you're asking it. But strictly in term of Microsoft's stated requirements, you would also fail to meet them purely on the basis of experience and background knowledge. My advice is to either figure out a way to give yourself some more time to learn and pracice, or perhaps to adjust your career direction somewhat (perhaps, for example, by getting and MCSA first, then working for a while, and then returning to finish the MCSE when you've got some real world workplace experience to help leaven your classroom learning and lab experience.

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Everyone is a little different. What some people can see, do or read once may take another a few days or even weeks to grasp the concept. For those that pick up on things very easy and retain the material then I'd say probably yes, they could pass. For those who have to keep re-reading the course material, it would be difficult.