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Can remote users add and share folders remotely?

I have a client with a sales department that are on the road and connect to the head office via the Internet at branch offices (vpn over adsl) or the local motel room (vpn / terminal server over dial up). Exchange (Outlook 2K to Exchange 2000) is their main way to organize appointments, meetings etc. The head office adds information to the Calenders and Contacts. Sometimes new folders are to be added and shared. Is there any way to do this from the server side with reg hacks or profiles etc. Or must we wait until they return to the office and then add and share the folder?
I'm not sure what the problem is here. If the clients connect via a VPN, they are connecting to the internal network just as if they were plugged directly into the LAN. So, they should have access to any new public folders as they would if there were directly connected.

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