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Can we graphically show OWA users how much mailbox space they're using?

Is there a way to provide OWA users (Exchange 2000) with a graphical bar/meter showing how much space their mailboxes is using? (Yahoo mail uses this kind of technology to visually display when the space allocation limit is near.)

I know that mailbox limits can be set within Exchange 2000 and the user will be notified at XXMB and mail will not send at XXMB; however, I like the idea of a graphical reminder. Thanks for any assistance!
You can do that, but it's going to take some coding. You'll want to grab the Exchange 2000 SDK. You can download it or view it online. If you have already downloaded it in the past, you might want to get it again as it was just updated last month. Be sure to grab both the samples/documentation and the tools downloads.

One sample that might come close to what you want is the User information XML Web service. It displays contact and free/busy information. The only difference is that you'll be getting different user information (mailbox size).

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