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Can you define what constitutes "redesign?"

Can you define what constitutes "redesign?" Does revamping the entire look and feel and functionality of a tool...

equate to redesign? Would changing a minor section of, for example PLSQL, constitute redesign?

In the latter example, we can make a call to a database package straight from our PLSQL block or maybe write dynamic SQL and achieve the same call. If I change the Dynamic SQL to just direct call to package.procedure notation, would I achieve implementation of redesign?

Redesign is a much overused term. To me, a redesign is a major effort to fix and extend the functionality of an application to the point where you are replacing quite large pieces of existing functionality. The example you give is more like tweaking and tuning. A redesign means, at least to me, several weeks of effort.
This was last published in April 2002

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