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Can you explain Web farm technology?

Can you tell me something related to the Web farm technology? As per my knowledge, I only know that in Web farms, multiple servers are used to handle user requests. It would be nice if I could get a more detailed description. Thanks.
The term "Web farm" is used in different ways. It's commonly used to describe a Web hosting data center, such as those run by Exodus, or any ISP that offers collocation or Web hosting services. A Web farm can be any facility designed to connect dozens, hundreds or thousands of servers to the Internet. Those servers don't necessarily serve content for a single site. Some of the servers won't even be directly connected to the Internet, because a Web farm generally includes database and application servers that handle requests from the front-end Web servers.

With that said, "Web farm" is also used to mean a collection of Web servers that serve identical content for a single site. In this scenario, incoming requests are distributed between the multiple Web servers so that each Web server receives roughly the same number of requests.

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