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Can you help me with time zone issues while using only one terminal server?

Expert Christa Anderson helps a reader to avoid time zone complications with Terminal Services.

I work at a small company based in Cardiff. We have an office in the United States and are about to open one in Amsterdam. We are using Terminal Services, but we are having an issue with the time differences as we only have the one terminal server.

The U.S. and Netherlands offices both run on GMT for their emails and all our applications, this is causing us a big problem. Can you help?

This is something I deal with too -- my company's headquarters are in Frankfurt, but my office is in Washington, D.C. -- and I'm often coordinating meetings in yet a third or fourth time zone. You don't say which version of Windows Terminal Services you're using. If it's Windows Server 2003, then you're home free. By default Windows 2003 Terminal Services displays the user's time zone. If you're using an older version of Windows Terminal Server, you'll need third-party software to help you. Windows Server 2000 isn't capable of making this distinction on its own.

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