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Cannot access Web site from within domain

I have a domain with DNS and Exchange Server within my domain. I am running Win2k Server. I set up my domain controller with the same name as my Internet domain name. My Web site is hosted outside of my domain. My problem is, am not able to get to either Web site within my domain but I can access it from outside. I tried creating NEW ALIAS in DNS (www and FQDN: mydomain.com), but still I couldn't get my Web site from within my domain.
If you domain has the same name as the Internet Domain name and the web servers are being hosted elsewhere, then you will need to create static entries in the DNS for the AD to point to the www.mydomain.com . The problem is that the Internet DNS is never being queries about the domain as the Windows 2000 DNS believes that it is the start of authority for the zone mydomain.com. Thus, it does not forward queries anywhere else.

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