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Cannot access another domain's file server through new ISA Server domain

We recently added a new ISA Server to our network segment. We wanted to put the new ISA Server on a different domain, and we were using it as a backup.

Everything was fine, but I'm currently doing system backups and I want to send a copy of our backup file to an internal file server on a different domain other than the one the new ISA server is on. In other words: Let's say domain 1 has the file server and domain 2 has the new ISA server. I can see domain 1 from domain 2, and I can see domain 2 from domain 1. But when I try to access it, it asks for my user name and password; then it fails. I tried putting in domain 1 admin information then domain 2 admin information with no luck. To top it off, I can access our internal PDC (primary domain controller) on domain 1 from domain 2. I can copy files to it, but I want to make a direct connection to the file server on domain 1 from domain 2. Can you help?

I don't have direct experience with this issue. If ISA was installed into a specific domain, then you may need to re-install it when you move it to the new domain. The symptoms you indicate seem to lead me to that conclusion. If you don't think you want to re-install (and therefore fully reconfigure ISA), then see what you can find on authentication issues for ISA on Microsoft's Web site.

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