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Cannot administer ASP

I have a simple application developed as an ASP, and running on SQL server 2000. The operating system is Win2k Advance Server also running IIS 5.0.

This site has an administration module where I can add or delete data and upload pictures to the site.

Every thing was working fine until a couple of days ago. Now I cannot delete items or upload pictures to the site. However, I can still edit data. When I try to upload pictures or delete an item, the browser takes a long time to respond. When it does respond, it says the page cannot be displayed, "cannot find server or DNS."

I have checked every thing but it still does not work. I have even uninstalled Internet Information Server and reinstalled it again but that wont work either.

The funny thing is that the same application works all right on my laptop, which runs on Win2k Pro and SQL 2000.

If you are getting the 'Cannot find server or DNS error' message, it means the browser is being directed to a different hostname. It sounds like you are able to make parts of the application work, but other parts fail with this error. Therefore, you must have a reference to a different hostname somewhere in your ASP or HTML. For example, perhaps you have mistyped the hostname in one of your hyperlinks. Also, check locations where form results are posted--there is a typo in there somewhere.

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