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Cannot expand public folders

I am running Exchange 2003 configured with four active nodes and one passive node. The public folder store is on one of the Exchange virtual servers. When I try to expand public folders through Exchange System Manager. I get an error: "The requested operation is forbidden." I can access the public folder on a standalone Exchange 2003 server though. Please help.
From the description you give, my suspicion is that Exchange System Manager (ESM) cannot get to the "exadmin" virtual directory on your Exchange servers. This virtual directory needs to be available on port 80 for ESM to be able to expand the public folder hierarchy. You should check to make sure that:
  1. The port has not been changed.

  2. Permissions have not been changed.

  3. The Web server hosting exadmin is indeed running.

  4. No one has modified the host headers serviced by this site.

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