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Cannot get ASP pages to insert new data into an Access database

I am using IIS 5.0 on a Win2k server. ASP pages are working fine but I cannot get the ASP pages to insert new data into an Access database. The ASP pages can get data from the database and display it. In addition, there is nothing wrong with the ASP code. It works on another web server. So why can I not insert new data into a database through html-ASP pages?

If you're using NTFS, the first thing I would check is file permissions. Access is a file-based database system; so the users connecting through IIS must have Change NTFS rights to the .MDB file in order to update it. If users do not authenticate to gain access to the site, you need to grant Change access to the IIS anonymous user. If you're concerned about security, you should be! This weakness is the reason most sites rely on client-server database systems like SQL Server 2000.

If your Web server connects to the Access database via a network share, also verify that the share has been configured with Change access.

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