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Cannot log onto OWA through front-end server

If you've been denied access to Outlook Web Access 2003 through a front-end server, get user authentication troubleshooting tips here.

I am unable to log on through Outlook Web Access 2003 through the front-end server. I can, however, log on through the back-end server. It states: HTTP/1.1 401 unauthorized.
  1. Make sure you install the latest service packs for Exchange 2003.
  2. Check the user SMTP address and//or creates a new one. Go to Active Directory Users and Computers, select User, right click on Properties, then click E-mail Addresses tab.
  3. Check the Exchange virtual directory. Go to Exchange System Manager, expand Recipients and select Recipient Policies. Click on Properties for the default policy and click on the E-mail address tab.
  4. Create additional SMTP domains and HTTP Virtual Servers. Start Exchange System Manager and expand Server name. Expand Protocols -> HTTP -> Virtual Server and right click New. Click Virtual Directory, type the name for a new directory and select SMTP domain.

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