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Cannot manually configuring hardware settings

I have a Win2k system that I setup with the bios (plug and play OS installed) setting enabled. After I set up Win2k, I had some problems burning CDs and Playing DVDs etc. I noticed in device manager that there are five items using IRQ9 video card, sound card, network card, ACPI and two USB controllers. Unfortunately the check box to manually configure the IRQs is grayed out and unusable. I have looked over my security settings etc and can find nothing that would stop me from manually configuring hardware settings. I did switch the BIOS setting to (Plug and Play OS Installed) off and it made no difference even after a repair install. What can I do to enable manually configuring hardware IRQs etc?

Windows 2000 uses IRQ steering to share interrupts on PCI components. IRQ steering uses IRQ9 to share interrupts. That is why you see so many components on that IRQ.

It is not likely that the shared IRQ is causing your problems. The steering table is assembled in hardware and delivered to the operating system. In most circumstances, the system does a correct job of sorting through the various components on the PCI bus.

If you want to check for resource issues associated with IRQ steering, open the Device Manager (DEVMGMT.MSC) and use the View menu to Sort Resources by Type. If you see a question mark or exclamation point next to one of the IRQ9 resources, you might try moving the device to a different PCI slot. IRQ steering cannot be disabled on an ACPI system.

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