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Can't access group policies after PDC replacement

Some weeks ago, we replaced our primary domain controller (PDC) with other hardware and completely reinstalled the configuration with another computer name. The problem is that now I cannot access group policies for Default Domain Policy and Default Domain Controllers Policy. The error showed in the dialog is: "Fail to open group policy object. You may not have appropriate rights." Details: "The system cannot find the path specified." How can I restart the templates? Or is there something wrong in my configuration?
First, Windows 2000 does not use PDCs, all domain controllers are peers. Second, make sure you installed the new system as a domain controller and not just a member server. Third, check to see that the %systemroot%SysvolDomainPolicies% folder is intact.

If you only had a single domain controller, then you'll be rebuilding your domain from scratch. Even if you had a backup of domain information, you will need to rebuild all GPOs from scratch, too.

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