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Can't activate DAT Drive on Dell Win2k Server with Backup Wizard

I am trying to configure Dell 120T PowerVault DDS4 DAT Drive on Dell PowerEdge 2400 Servers running Windows 2000 Server. The DAT drive is configured properly but I am unable to take the backup using the Backup Wizard. It is not showing the DAT drive option in the Backup Tab. Instead it has File option grayed out. This means that I can take backup only on in a File but not on the DAT tape. Can you help me out in how to make the DAT option active?

It looks as if the system is not recognizing the DAT drive. Try opening Device Manager to see if the drive shows on the device list. Right-click My Computer, select Properties, select the Hardware tab and click Device Manager.

If the drive appears but has a big question mark or red X, it means you have a resource conflict. You could have set the wrong SCSI device setting. If the drive came from Dell as part of a package, that?s not very likely. Still, the terminator could have slipped off or the drive might be incorrectly configured for termination. Look in that direction as well.

If the drive looks okay in Device Manager, check the Removable Storage snap-in in the Computer Management console. (Start | Programs | Administrative Tools | Computer Management) Does the drive appear as one of the removable storage options? If not, then it is not supported by the Removable Storage Management bus driver. Call Dell and Microsoft and see if there?s a fix.

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