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Can't create Exchange Server 2007 mailboxes on a second subdomain

Discover how to troubleshoot Exchange Server 2007 setup issues such as the inability to create mailboxes on a second subdomain.

I installed Exchange Server 2007 in a subdomain (child.domain.com) after the setup/prepare ran in the root domain (domain.com). Everything was working well until I discovered a second subdomain (child2.domain.com). Setup/prepare was not run on this second subdomain prior to installing Exchange Server 2007. I ran setup/prepare on the second subdomain and it completed without any errors. However, it appears that Exchange Server 2007 mailboxes can only be created for the original subdomain (child.domain.com).

How can I fix this so that mailboxes can be created on the second subdomain (child2.domain.com) as well?

I am not sure, with the information provided, what you may have missed. I did run across a good support webcast that outlines the top Exchange Server 2007 setup issues.

I would also check to ensure that you have network resolution between the newly added child domain and your existing Exchange 2007 server. In addition, you could also attempt to run /PrepareAd and /PrepareAllDomains.

Finally, there is another useful article from Microsoft that outlines common mistakes when upgrading to Exchange 2007.

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