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Can't see all hosts on coax-based network

I have a Windows 2000 Server running in Native Mode. This server contains four network interface cards (NICs). These four NICs are connected to four separate COAX rings. There is no physical connection between these four COAX rings.

In Windows 2000 I have enabled routing via routing and remote access.

The subnets are and and and

Everything works fine except one thing. If I browse the network on a host I can only see those hosts that are on the same physical subnet. What can I do to make these hosts see all the hosts that are on the network? The server is the Master Browser.

First off, let me extend my condolences to you for managing a coax-based network. I'm convinced that Dante missed the circle of Hell where damned souls spend eternity trying to trace down 10Base2 network problems. Of course, that circle of Hell is right above the circle containing the souls who get tortured by Browse Master demons. I don't know which is worse.

Is your PDC emulator also a WINS server? Are all your clients configured to use WINS? If not, install the WINS service then change your DHCP options (if you're using DHCP) or your static TCP/IP options to use WINS. Point the clients at the PDC emulator as the WINS server. When configuring clients, use just one IP address for the WINS server. For example, if the server's address for the first NIC is, then point all clients at for WINS.

Once you've configured the clients, check the WINS database to make sure the clients have registered. Then wait for the browse database to collect information about the various subnets. It could take a while (nearly an hour in the worst case). Then try browsing with My Network Places. The server list for the domain should show all the machines.

When troubleshooting browsing problems, the BROWMON utility from the Resource Kit can be very helpful. It will show you the identity of the Domain Master Browser and the subnet Master Browsers. You can also use the command-line tool BROWSTAT for initiating browser elections.

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