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Can't share resources on two Windows 2000 Pro machines

I am trying to network two Windows 2000 Pro machines through a wireless router, which is connected to my cable modem. My problem is that although I can access the Internet from both the machines, I cannot share resources on both the machines. Computer one can see computer two, but it can't access the resources (network path not found). Computer two can't even see computer one.

Here is more information: I am not using DHCP. I can access the Net from both the computers. Netbios over TCP/IP is checked on both the computers. LM hosts is unchecked on both the computers.

Should I add NETbui to the network protocols on both the computers? I have added the router address in the DNS of both the computers. I can ping both the computers (from each other), and both have the same users and passwords.
If you're using static IP addressing, try creating an LMHOSTS and/or HOSTS file entry on each machine so that they can resolve the name of the other machine. Also, be sure that the two machines have the same workgroup name.

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