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Causes for policy delivery failure in a GPO-linked container

What could be the reasons users/computers in a GPO-linked container does not receive the policies in the GPO?
Great question. The first thing to be sure to check is to make sure that the user and/or computer is, in fact inside the SOM -- or Scope of Management. A SOM might be an OU, or a site, or a domain. Basically, a SOM is anyplace where you can link a GPO. So, again, be sure the user and/or computer is in the SOM. Next, be sure the user or computer isn't being filtered out. Group Policy filtering is based on the user or computer's ability to perform "Read" and "Apply Group Policy" permissions upon the GPO. Lastly, if the machine is a Windows XP or Windows 2003 client, verify that no WMI filters are placed upon the GPO. If the WMI filter evaluates to "False" the GPO will not affect Windows XP and Windows 2003 clients. There are many more reasons why GPOs might not apply. These are just three. I have many more examples in my current and upcoming book as well as many troubleshooting steps.

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