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Certain files won't copy from server to workstations

On Win2k Server SP3, certain files will not copy from the server to a workstation (or other server). This is VERY repeatable. I've got a Word file that is about 3 MB in size, and it always gets part way and then hangs. Other network activity is fine (i.e., I can do this via pcAnywhere into the box and it never misses a beat). I can copy other files, including some that are a gigabyte in size and there are no problems. The same problem occurs if I'm on a workstation, trying to copy said file to it, or if I'm on the server and trying to push the file out.

I've got a second NIC on the system, so I attached a crossover cable to it from my notebook, and then the file will move just fine. The NIC in question has the latest drivers; it is an Intel Pro 1000T server adapter. I've lowered the speed from 1000FDX to 100FDX, but that didn't make a difference. Examining all of the errors on the card or on the switches shows nothing. I'm stumped.

If you've eliminated network performance as an issue, then a likely conclusion is the file itself. It may be corrupted, contain illegal characters or have the same name as another file or folder that's on the volume you're attempting to move/copy it to.

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