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Certifications for a beginner

I would like to be certified but I also have a lot to learn still. What is the best way to start? I am a support...

person but I don't have much experience other than troubleshooting.

For somebody who wants to get a general networking or operating system certification like MCSE, CCNP and so forth, I'd strongly recommend pursuing a small sequence of CompTIA certifications to start.

Begin with the A+, then go for the Network+, then get the i-Net+ (all of these are documented at www.comptia.org). After that, you'll not only have a pretty good general computing and networking background, you'll probably have a much better idea of what kind of certification you wish to pursue as well.

One more thing, you can read a general online book I've written about certification programs at my parent company's web site at www.leapit.com (However, you must sign up as a member to gain access to this book. It is called "Certification Essentials" and appears within the LearnIt area on the site).

This was last published in April 2001

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