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Changing Win2k Professional's printer default paper size

I am currently running a Windows 2000 AD server and Win2k Professional network in a school environment. I use the following command to add network printers to the Windows 2000 Professional clients: "Rundll32 printui.dll, PrintUIEntry /ga /in /n server-nameprinter-name."

This works fine except for one problem. I need the printers to be installed with the default paper size set to A4, instead of the current default of letter. I have set the default user profile to English UK on the client machines, but this still doesn't help.
The PRINTUI.DLL system has two switches, /Ss and /Sr, which can be used to save and restore printer settings from a file. You can probably set A4 as the default, use the above command to export the settings for the printer to a file, and then modify the statement to add the network printer so that the settings are loaded from the same file.

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