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Changing Windows 2000 computer from workgroup to domain name in Windows Server 2003 network

An admin working in a simple Windows Server 2003 network is having problems changing his Window 2000 workstation from a workgroup to the domain name.

I set up Windows Server 2003 on a simple network of ten computers. I can see the server from my Windows 2000 workstation and can use Explorer to connect as the Administrator.

When I try to change my computer from a workgroup to the domain name, it says that the credentials are wrong. I've deleted myself as a user and computer from the server, flushed the DNS (which is not installed) and re-started the server. I still get the same credential error.

All we want from this system is to work as a file server, nothing more. Do I need DHCP and DNS running?

To install Active Directory, you need to have a DNS server running somewhere on your network. DHCP is not a necessity, but it can improve the efficiency of your network by automating the process of assigning TCP/IP addresses to your clients.

You can install the DNS server service using the Configure Your Server wizard in Windows Server 2003 or during the dcpromo process itself – if the 2003 server cannot detect a DNS server that supports Active Directory SRV records, it will prompt you to install the server service during dcpromo.

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