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Changing accounts from mailbox-enabled to mail-enabled

After installing Small Business Server 2003 Premier Edition, how can you change a user's status from mailbox-enabled to mail-enabled without losing all their data? SearchExchange.com expert David Sengupta explains.

I did a new install of Small Business Server 2003 Premier Edition. The e-mail is coming from an external POP3 source. In the initial configuration through Small Business Server, all the users are mailbox-enabled.

We went through some trouble with the users' e-mails coming into Exchange but not going to their workstation mailboxes. I checked out the matter, and the consensus seems to be that the users need to be mail-enabled.

Is there a way (at all) to change the users' status to mail-enabled without losing the data that has come into Exchange? Alternatively, is there a way to extract the data from Exchange into the mailboxes?

While I'm not an SBS expert, I can say that changing accounts from mailbox-enabled to mail-enabled will delete all the data they contain. Running ExMerge is typically a way of exporting all the content in your mailboxes to PST, and gives you one way of ensuring you get all the data out prior to making changes like this. I can't comment specifically on your problem getting mail from a POP3 source.

I'd strongly recommend backing up your environment well prior to proceeding, and testing in a lab first.

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