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Changing email address formats in Exchange Server 2003

Find out how to change the email address formats in Active Directory while using Exchange Server 2003.

My company wants to switch email addresses from rman@someone.com.au to report.man@someone.com.au for each employee in the organization stored in Active Directory in Exchange Server 2003. They also want to create aliases in Exchange Server to map the old email address while moving to the new email address format. Is there a best method to create these aliases on Exchange Server without disturbing the working environment?
The best way to achieve this is to create a secondary SMTP proxy address in the rman@someone.com.au format to the email address policy for the organization. This will stamp all of the users with email addresses in the report.man@someone.com.au format. Once that has been done you can use "Set as Primary" to set this as the reply-to address format for all email leaving your organization so that they start showing up in that format.

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